Family Dog

Endearingly cute bundle of excitement and at times, nerves.


Milly is small and sweet English Springer Spaniel. When considering getting a dog we agreed on getting a springer because they are typically medium sized, well tempered and obedient. The dog is smart, she can sit, lie down, wait, shake (most useful for when she is soaked), dig and rollover. Certainly, the most talented dog my family and I have ever owned. Her size has its advantages, she fits easily in the passenger footwell of any car, there’s less of her to dry and her shites are small (bigger dogs make bigger shites).


Milly is pretty needy and petulant at times, moaning and groaning around 17:30ish as we feed her at 18:00 in the evening. She also still has (admittedly) adorable puppy eyes and big silly ears. As Milly is from working-class background her sense of smell is impeccable – springer spaniels are used as gun dogs and often serve in the police as sniffer dogs. This is particularly an issue when the scent of deer is present. It’s overwhelming for her and if you are careless enough to let her off the lead where deer are known to be it can be many hours till she returns. Many incidents have occurred when a family member or myself have had to walk home because we’ve been shouting and calling after her for so long. She appears, usually caked in mud and dirt, tail between her legs waiting patiently at the front or back door.

Although she is needy and a bit of a drama queen at times, I have a tremendous amount of fond childhood memories with this dog. She is ideal for adventures and is always popular with the ladies, old ladies especially.



M&S Detroit Style Deep & Loaded Pizza, Philly Steak Out (Food)

Fairly average pizza in many regards and a bit on the soggy side


Before heating in the oven I had some prior knowledge of this range of pizzas M&S offer. Packaging wise it’s fine, nothing too fancy or noteworthy although I’ve noticed from the small window displayed that it appears to have a decent amount of stake but more on that later.


I like how the paper tray is oven ready; this ensures fewer dishes are needed for washing up later. 12-14 minutes later the pizza is ready, I add the supplementary mayonnaise and tuck in.


First impressions is that the pizza is quite doughy, I’m not qualified to say if this is what a Detroit Style pizza is supposed to be but I’d rather something crisper. The addition of green peppers and onions don’t add anything to the flavor, its almost as if they are to bolster the aesthetic. The mayonnaise was a strong addition because it cut through most of the flavor but wasn’t overwhelming. The steak itself was lovely and juicy but this pizza could’ve done with a whole lot more of it. Something else the pizza could’ve done with was a contrast in texture, everything was pretty soft, something crispy or crunch would’ve been a welcome addition. Crust was solid, held the pizza well and the base was golden brown. The way in which I sliced this pizza meant the middle piece was incredibly soggy.