Keeping things fresh…

Since turning 21 I’ve realised there isn’t a lot of “new” in my life. That’s why I’ve decided to start my own t-shirt brand aimed at young people in the cryptocurrency world. I want it to be streetwear that’s accessible but not too “in your face”. I noticed that other crypto clothing companies products I’d never wear and that their branding and imagery is way off the mark. The website is going to be edgy, mysterious and have a Matrix vibe to it, which ties in with the overall underground tech vibe. Stay posted for that as I take you through my journey.

Secondly I’m thinking of getting a tattoo. I wanted a tattoo of my pets for a long time but I knew if the finished product didn’t like exactly like my cat or dog I’d be deeply annoyed. So I’m not taking that risk. I also think it’s a pretty safe option for my first tattoo to be family orientated, because family isn’t something I’ll grow out of or regret. The plan is to get 6 love hearts in a concentric pattern (not sure if that’s the right word), one heart for every family member, Milly, Monty, Mum and Dad, two sisters. It’ll be pretty small too, and I know who and where I want it done so I’ll tell you all about that when I have more news!

Might be able to tell I’m trying to blog daily, (see how long this’ll last) whether it be a traditional blog or review I do want some sort of consistency and familiarity for readers.

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