Turn off your phone.

When was the last time your turned off your phone? It’s been too long, hasn’t it? I hate how I depend on this damn thing so much – I’m typing this on my phone.

The phone wakes me up and puts me to sleep. Every single day. I can’t think of any other piece of technology that is so entwined in my life at the moment.

The alarm goes off and we start our day. Coinbase, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter then YouTube. Every morning, it’s routine. I don’t feel anxious not checking these apps but I just do it without much thought. If my phone isn’t at 100% before I leave it’s in the back of mind. The phone runs me, not the other way round.

Moving forward I’m going use an alarm clock and charge my phone at the other end of the room. At night I’ll watch all the shows I want to and then get in bed. Not lying in bed watching Netflix on my phone. I think these are small changes that will help. It’s not good for your health stating at bright lights early and late on in the day. Put your phone down and pick yourself up.

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