I’ve been getting into cryptocurrencies recently and it is fantastically fun. The best thing about cryptos is that I have no clue of whats going on. The phrase “ignorance is bliss” has never been more appropriate for me. I just put my money into a crypto trading app – I use Coinbase because it has the best mobile app user interface – and watch the madness unfold. I could learn everything there is to know about cryptos and blockchain technology but why give myself a headache? I’m just going to hold until I can sell at a price I’m comfortable with. I believe in the technology and once I’ve quintupled my money I’ll sell. Sounds remarkably simple and I think it is. The only problem is time. How long will it take for this to happen? The best strategy for me was to completely forget about it and check once a month at a maximum but it’s fun checking Coinbase multiple times a day and reading about everyone’s thoughts and opinions on r/cryptocurrency on Reddit. It is especially entertaining spectating the inner conflict between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.


I’ll come clean, I have invested just shy of 1000 GBP in BTC ETH and LTC. And now the waiting game begins. I’ll keep you posted on how things look in a couple months.

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