Gum for breakfast

Slept in. 9am lecture this morning and I would’ve loved to stay in bed (I’ve put my heated blanket under the bed sheets and it’s the most fantasticly debilitating thing in my life right now). It’s predetermined in my head that nothing good will come from this day. No time for breakfast, no time for a shower, just throw on some clothes and get this morning over with. It’s a 2 hour lecture which isn’t the problem but I live in fear that my stomach preforms an array of whale impressions. Thankfully I have this one hat that doesn’t look awful on my strangely shaped head, so I’m wearing that to hide the bed head. If anyone asks why I look like shit I’ll just lie and tell them I’m hungover. Students love that excuse, a bit of street cred if you will. I’ll need to reread this about 47 times because my eyes don’t fully function when I don’t have a shower in the morning. (Side note – how do people still look put together and not resemble a zombie when having a shower the night before instead of in the morning? Side side note – the WordPress app is good for blogging in private). But yes gum for breakfast, what a great day to be alive.

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