What to expect…

Hello reader! Thank you for stumbling upon my blog, No Dumb Intended. The purpose of this blog is to give me a creative outlet, I have ideas and opinions buzzing around my head like a swarm of midges and hopefully something good can come out of it. On this page you can expect blogs about travel, lifestyle, fitness (well maybe) reviews (films, food or anything worth chatting shit about) and the odd photography. You’ll start to realise that I can and will write about the most random and absurd topics you can imagine. Something else worth telling you is that I’ll keep this blog anonymous because I don’t think adding an identity to this shambles will add or improve my content. If you have any comments or recommendations don’t be shy, I’m new to all this so any advice or criticism is greatly unappreciated (kidding, send help).

Take a gander through Menu and hopefully something will encourage you to stick around. I can’t promise daily blogs. I will promise to keep things relatively dumb (albeit intentionally or unintentionally).

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